Continuing injustice endured by HLI Agricultural Workers & Central Luzon peasants exemplifies “people disempowerment”

“There is no people empowerment in the case of agricultural workers’ struggles in the Hacienda Luisita (or HLI) land fiasco; it is even a glaring example of how the Philippines can be regarded as a failed democracy!”

This is the assertion of a national militant farmers’ organization regarding the trooping of ULWU & AMBALA agricultural workers and AMGL peasants at the Supreme Court followed by mobilizations at Mendiola & the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) national office today and tomorrow.

“Noynoy Aquino and his oligarch cohorts are painting a rosy picture that the EDSA I ‘people power’ uprising in February 1986 and the current administration are a testimony to change and unparalleled development,” Wilfredo Marbella, KMP Deputy Secretary for Internal Affairs, starts off. “They even have tarps & billboards, spewed across the metropolis, asserting that the late Cory Aquino is an icon of democracy.”

“This iconic depiction of Cory Aquino and her subsequent legacy of democracy are illusions!” Marbella retorts. He goes on to say that these are slogans intended to mask the thievery and wickedness despotic landlords continued to engage in during the first Aquino administration, the succeeding presidencies and down to the current Aquino regime – all these, at the price of people’s struggles.

“One excellently clear and undeniable example of the thievery and wickedness of despotic landlords is the Hacienda Luisita case,” Marbella asserts. “The failure of Cory to place Hacienda Luisita under a genuine agrarian reform program during the revolutionary segment of her administration, under the period after the ratification of the 1987 Constitution, after the enactment of the bogus Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of 1988 or RA 6657 (concocted by a landlord-dominated legislative branch of government), and even up to her very last day in Malacañang is people disempowerment, at its best, and, at its very best, the undisputable roadmap to a failed democracy.”

“Noynoy cannot rejoice, neither has he the right or the proper frame of mind to tell the Filipino people to celebrate the 25 years of EDSA I,” Marbella notes. “The perpetual manipulation of Philippine society, including its economy and politics, by opportunists, oligarchs, kleptocrats and despotic landlords, with Noynoy Aquino as their current commander-representative, even after the overthrow of the despicable Marcos regime and the so-called installation of a ‘democratic’ government under Cory Aquino, is such a shame! It is utter disgrace! It is absolute insanity, most especially with this oligarchy-instigated HLI tragedy in full view.”

“In the 25 years following EDSA I, government agencies are still denying justice to HLI agricultural workers and to some 70% of our nation’s population – peasants and Filipinos whose lives are based on agriculture. Is this the ‘democracy’ Noynoy Aquino intends to pursue and, like his mother, leave as a legacy?” Marbella further laments. “Noynoy should go to a far-flung barrio in the Philippines and look for an EDSA People Power I celebration there or he can even try to cook up one in his own clan’s backyard to accurately check if there are agricultural workers who would honestly commemorate People Power I’s silver anniversary with him.” Marbella concludes.

February 22, 2011
Reference:       Wilfredo Marbella
                        Deputy Secretary General for Internal Affairs – KMP

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